About me

My name is Hanga Urban. I am a refreshing masseur.

I changed my original career in 2007 because it lacked what is most important for me in life: helping people, nurturing intensive relationships. Looking for a new path, I came across Holistic Education Centre (Holisztikus Oktatási Központ) and its work.

I first started learning Sole Massage there, then Natural Therapy and has been taking part in workshops as well ever since. I am continuously training myself, spending practically all my free time – including the weekends – learning new methods like Reiki or various types of refreshing massage.

These activities brought intensive human relationships into my life. Also, I have learnt the basics of Kinesiology which enables me to use the 5 minute technique in business as well as private life: while listening to the other, the client, I am making mental notes about what is important for them, I store this information and keep it in good mind during my work.

Usually, I build very good relationships with my clients, spending prolific hours of therapy together with them. As healing by massage is a great pleasure to me, personally as well, I am enthusiastic and a really hard worker.

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